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Most Amazing Eyes in The Animal Kingdom

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Eyes are pretty amazing organs. It is quite incredible what they are capable of. Our eyes play an immensely important role in life, allowing us to obtain information, experience beauty, memorize experiences, etc. Your eye doctor in Arlington will tell you that aside from our brains, our eyes are our most complex organs, making their job pretty important. While our eyes are quite amazing as humans, they actually pale in comparison to those of some of the animals out there.

  1. Dragonflies
    If you have ever looked up close, you may have noticed that dragon flies have large sphere-like eyeballs. In each of a dragonfly’s eyes there are 30,000 facets and each one is placed in a different direction, this allows the dragonfly to see with 360-degree vision. Dragonflies are able to detect even the slightest of movement from any direction surrounding them, which is an incredible defense mechanism for the insect. Additionally, dragonflies are able to detect UV and polarized light.

  2. Chameleons
    While chameleons are known for their ability to change the color of their skin, they also are known for their amazing visual capabilities. Chameleons are able to move each of their eyes independently, giving them the ability to focus on multiple objects at once in either direction. This allows the animal to have 360-degree vision, similarly to the dragonfly. While they can focus on different objects at once, this focus occurs notably quickly as well. 
  1. Geckos
    There are over a thousand different types of geckos all over the world. The large majority of geckos are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night and dormant during the day. Because they are nocturnal, they also have a sort of night vision. Their eyes are 350 times more sensitive than humans in terms of vision and color.
  2. Goats
    Whenever you have gone to the petting zoo, you may have seen the goats and wondered to yourself why their pupils look as oddly as they do. Goats have horizontally rectangular shaped pupils. These pupils allow goats to see in panoramic view. It is a great defense mechanism to spot predators as they spend most of their day with their head down grazing.
  3. Frogs
    Because frogs spend their time in the water and out, they need eyes that accommodate that. Frogs actually have three different eyelids. Two of the eyelids are transparent, while one is semi-transparent. These eyelids allow for frogs to retain their vision as well as keep their eyes protected when swimming in the water.

    Because our eyes are such incredible and important organs, it is vital that we take great care of them. One of the most efficient ways to ensure the health of your eyes is to regularly visit your optometrist in Arlington. You want your vision in the hands of someone you can trust. Here at First Eye Care, our team of highly recommended and caring vision experts will be your trusted vision team. Call us today for an appointment.

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