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5 Common Eye Myths

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In order to take proper care of your eyes and your vision, you need to understand what is true and what is simply myth when it comes to your eyesight. We often hear advice and various “facts” about our health and how to improve it, whether it’s online or from friends and family; however, often they really are not facts that we are hearing. To learn the truth about what will damage your vision and what won’t, keep reading about these 5 common eye myths.

#1 Reading in dim light will damage your eyes

This might be oldest eye health myth of them all. You likely were told as a child and teenager that reading in low light will damage your eyes, but this is actually just not true. Reading in dim light will not cause permanent damage to your eyes or create the need for glasses, however, it will cause eye strain and fatigue. So, although it isn’t true that reading in low light will permanently damage your eyes, it is best to read in adequate lighting to prevent eye strain and fatigue.

#2 Not wearing the right glasses will damage your eyes further

Generally speaking and for the majority of people this is just a myth, and not wearing your glasses or having the right prescription will not damage your eyes further. However, there is a bit of truth in this statement depending on who the person is. Many children that endure eye problems at a young age do need to wear the right glasses as often as possible in order to potentially correct their vision problems. For adults, however, not wearing your glasses is not going to cause further damage, although you should keep in mind it can potentially cause eye strain and fatigue.

#3 You only need to go to see your Arlington optometrist when you are experiencing vision problems

Many people don’t realize the importance of going in for regular annual eye exams. It is a risky myth that you should only visit your Arlington eye doctor whenever you are experiencing obvious vision problems. The truth is that there are many eye problems that will not develop noticeable symptoms, and without having your eyes checked regularly these problems will go unidentified and untreated and could result in permanent damage.

#4 Sitting too close to the television will damage your eyesight

Another commonly told vision myth to many kids is that sitting too close to the television will cause permanent damage to one’s eyes. There is actually no evidence that this is true. Many children sit closer to the TV simply because they are able to focus up close better than adults. They will usually grow out of this habit with age. If they don’t grow out of this as they reach an older age however, it may be a sign of nearsightedness.

#5 Eating carrots will improve your vision

While it is true that carrots are good for your eyes, it isn’t likely that eating a ton of carrots will cause vision improvement. Carrots provide your body with needed vitamin A, as do many other vegetables such as fresh fruits and dark green leafy vegetables. Although these foods have health benefits for your eyes, they will not correct vision issues like nearsightedness and farsightedness.

If you want to learn more about eye health from a trusted and highly recommended eye doctor, come visit us here at First Eye Care North Arlington. Our vision center has everything you need from the first appointment to picking out your glasses. If you have more questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today.


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