5 incredible eye facts you didn’t know

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Our eyes are pretty amazing parts of our body. These tiny, yet powerful organs are the number one entity in which we are able to see and interpret the world. We use them for pretty much everything we do, and they even play a big part in what people see when they look back at us. It’s important to take good care of your eyes, and as you get older and your eyes gradually weaken, it’s important to make sure you are consistently visiting your eye doctor. It’s obvious that our eyes are amazing, but let’s talk about some of the incredible eye facts that you maybe haven’t heard of before…

#1 The visual center of your brain is located at the lower back part of your head

One would maybe think that the visual center part of their brain would be closer to where their actual eyes are, but the vision communicative part of your brain is in the lower back part of your head. Injuring this part of your head can even lead to temporary blindness. It is all linked though, as the optic nerve starts at the back of your eye and travels through a series of connections that relay your visual images to the occipital cortex in the back of the brain.

#2 Your eyeballs grow as you do

Many people have heard the myth that your eyes stay the same size from birth to death, but this is actually false. When born, our eyeballs are 16 millimeters wide, when we are three years old they grow to be 23 millimeters wide, and when we hit puberty, our eyeballs reach their maximum size of about 24 millimeters wide.

#3 The best vision in a human eye was recorded to be around 20/10 vision

If you aren’t sure what exactly that means, it means that with 20/10 vision, a person could see from 20 feet, when the normal person can only see at 10 feet away.

#4 Your eyes heal very quickly

Whenever you endure a painful scratch on your eye, it can be extremely irritating. The good news is that your eye can heal itself within 24 to 48 hours. But keep in mind that if your eye doesn’t start to feel better within this time frame, you may want to take precaution and visit your Arlington vision center.

#5 Heterochromia is a term meaning two different colored irises

It is quite rare, but it exists when someone is born with two different colored eyes. Heterochromia iridis is hereditary, so if you have it, it was passed down to you from someone in your family. If just one of your eyes has changed colors over time, it is likely due to a problem, and you should definitely have it checked out.

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