5 Tips to Relieve Eye Strain

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You may be surprised to learn how many people suffer from daily eye strain. There are various contributing factors to this issue, but the most prominent is how much time we spend with our eyes behind digital screens. In this day and age, using our digital devices is necessary for pretty much every daily activity we engage in. The problem is that technology and social media have become almost an addiction. Some experts are saying technology addiction is a real thing. In fact, the average American spends almost 11 hours a day behind a screen. With numbers like that, no wonder most of us are suffering from eye strain.

The diagnosis for this eye strain is called computer vision syndrome (CVS), and the various symptoms may include:

  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Trouble refocusing eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Double vision
  • Irritated eyes
  • Eye fatigue
  • Redness in the eyes

The problem is that many of us don’t have a choice but to be behind a screen. It is necessary for many of our jobs, studies, and even our daily tasks. So, if you must be behind the screen, but it is taking a toll on your eyes, try to abide by these tips to help relieve some of your eyestrain.

#1 Take breaks

One of the issues is that we forget to give our eyes a break. Since the best way to help eye strain is to look at a screen less, then try giving your eyes a break from the screen. Try out the 20-20-20 rule that is recommended by the American Optometric Association to help reduce eye strain. This rule states that you should take a 20-second break by focusing on something that is about 20 feet away (that isn’t a digital device) every 20 minutes.

#2 Wear glasses made for looking at a computer

There are actually glasses made specifically for looking at a computer. These glasses are designed to block out blue light. Blue light is illuminated from screens and is a large contributor to eye strain over time. This type of light hits your eye very strongly and while it is fine in small doses, it isn’t great to spend almost 11 hours a day looking at it. Ask your doctor about computer glasses that block out the blue light to help relieve your eyes a bit when it comes to that strain. You can even have lenses put into the glasses that you already own.

#3 Try eye exercises

Your eyes consist of various muscles, and by strengthening those muscles you will be able to help aid your eye strain. When you are taking your breaks from the screen, practice focusing on items that are far away for a few moments, and then back to items that are close.

#4 Adjust your display settings

You can adjust your computer settings so that they are less straining to your eyes. Play around with your contrast settings on your computer to see where your eyes feel most comfortable. Also, try adjusting the color settings. Use full spectrum lighting, warm the colors on your computer and see if this helps your eyes to relax a bit.

#5 Visit your Arlington Optometrist

There may be additional contributors to your eye strain that you don’t even know about. If your prescription needs to be updated, etc., this can go unnoticed and cause the same sort of symptoms as mentioned above. Regularly visiting your eye doctor is extremely important for the health of your eyes and it is about more than just clear vision. As we age we become more susceptible to eye problems that can cause permanent damage. Regularly visiting your eye doctor for a checkup will ensure that you catch these problems in their tracks, and the earlier you do, the better.

When it comes to primary eye care in Arlington, First Eye Care is a highly recommended and trusted vision center. Come to see for yourself by scheduling an appointment today.

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