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Gayle Karanges, OD

I choose Optometry because I am able to help patients improve their vision and maintain healthy eyes.The eyes reflect so much about our general health and I promote good health and wellness in my eye care practice. I have been in practice here in Arlington for over 30 years and am considered one of the leading eye care practitioners in this area. I am trained to diagnose and manage very complex vision disorders including Keratoconus, Diabetic eye conditions and dry eyes.

In my free time, I enjoy time with my daughters, Kelsey and Karli. My interests include fitness training, yoga, running, and competing in cutting horse events. I also enjoy traveling and attending continuing education in the field of Optometry.

In my journey, I always wanted to be self-employed. Growing up, I taught riding lessons as I was a skilled equestrian at a very young age. I competed in equestrian events since the age of 5. I also found I had a passion for helping people. The human body was also very interesting to me, so I wanted to pursue a profession in healthcare.

My role model was my mom. She was a registered nurse and eventually ran a primary care physician’s office. She always told me I could do anything I set my mind to. There are no boundaries even as a woman. You can have a family and have a successful career as well. I can remember her working all throughout my childhood, which was not that common in the 1960s. In many ways, she was ahead of her time when she became a nurse and an office manager, raising 3 girls and being our strongest advocate at the same time.

Besides my mom as a role model, I always loved historical women such as Joan of Arc, who led an army in France, and Susan B Anthony, who rallied for women’s rights.

I feel Dr. Nguyen and I do very thorough eye exams and spend more time evaluating a person’s vision and how their general health affects their eyes long term. We have full diagnostic capabilities and can detect conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and autoimmune conditions at the time of the eye exam. We work closely with PCP’s in our area, co-managing patients who are diabetic or have other health issues which affect their eyes. We also have a full service optical and can handle all prescription needs regarding eyewear and contact lenses. We have a very affordable selection of frames, including high-end designers like Tom Ford, Tiffany, and Ferragamo to name a few.

I want to inspire women to believe they can have it all if they are willing to work hard and be disciplined in life. I have 2 daughters who I encourage daily to do their best, take risks and push thru all life’s challenges that come along. And be passionate about your work. Then, it doesn’t really feel like work.