How annual eye exams can save your life

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Going to the eye doctor used to be just about a person’s vision, but not anymore. With major advancements in technology and machinery used by optometrists, having an eye exam done means much more than just checking out your vision. Did you know that eye exams can also help doctors discover symptoms and signs of other life-threatening conditions such as brain tumors and cancers, various optic nerve diseases, strokes, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and cardiovascular-related issues? Well, it’s true, and it is the reason why it is even more important than you thought to make sure you get in to see your Arlington eye doctor annually.

How do exams save lives? 

The retina, which is the back of the eye, is the best noninvasive view that your doctor can get to evaluate your blood vessels and nerves up close. These blood vessels and nerves can tell a doctor a whole story, or at least give them an idea of what could be potentially going on in your body.

Let’s take a closer look at how some of these conditions can be discovered at your annual eye exam…


For example, if a brain tumor is present in a patient, the number one symptoms experienced will be those that are related to a patient’s field of vision. If there are certain types of bleeding going on, the doctor can observe this via an eye exam and potentially diagnose Leukemia. Melanoma can develop within the back of the eye, one of the reasons why it’s so important to keep your eyes protected from the sun’s harmful rays, and many of these diseases would perhaps be overlooked if not discovered at the patient’s annual eye exam.


If there is a little bit of bleeding within the retina, this can be a symptom of diabetic retinopathy. If this condition goes untreated, it can even lead to blindness. If it is, however, detected early, treatment alongside healthy lifestyle changes can significantly prevent the danger of further damage.

High blood pressure

Because the blood vessels can be so closely observed in the back of the eye, this can be really helpful to discover high blood pressure in a patient. If there is blood vessel damage present or narrowed blood vessels, this can even be a sign of heart disease.

Multiple Sclerosis

If there is inflammation of the optic nerve in the eye, this can be a symptom that is linked to multiple sclerosis. It is one of the earliest symptoms of the disease, which means it would be ideal for this disease to be discovered in the earlier phases. This inflammation of the optic nerve can also be a sign of other infections, so it is important to not assume that you have MS if you find yourself with this diagnosis.

Hopefully, after reading this, you will realize the major importance, and not skip out on your next annual eye exam in Arlington. And if you are looking for a caring and trusted eye doctor in the area, here at First Eye Care we can be just that for you and your family. Contact us today!

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