Why Back To School Eye Exams Are Important

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It’s that time of year again where summer is coming to an end and it is time to get the kids ready to go back to school. While you are making your back-to-school shopping list for new supplies, books, and clothes, don’t forget to take the time to call your child’s eye doctor in Arlington to schedule an appointment for …


Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month

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August is children’s eye health and safety month, and it is also that time of year where summer is almost over and it is time to go back to school. Did you know that 1 in 4 children have a vision problem? While you are doing all your back-to-school shopping for new utensils, books, and clothes, you should also make …


Why Do We Have Eyelashes?

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Our eyes are often one of the first things noticed about us. People look into your eyes when they speak to you as a sort of way to connect to you through verbal and bodily communication. Our eyes function as a channel for people to see us as well as for us to see them. Eyes are such a small …


5 Tips to Relieve Eye Strain

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You may be surprised to learn how many people suffer from daily eye strain. There are various contributing factors to this issue, but the most prominent is how much time we spend with our eyes behind digital screens. In this day and age, using our digital devices is necessary for pretty much every daily activity we engage in. The problem …


Genetics and Eye Color

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Eyes are extremely advanced and beautiful organs. It is amazing how many different shades and color combinations there can be of the iris. Many people wonder, what determines one’s eye color, what role do genes play in determining eye color and how does it work? Eye color is a result of the pigmentation of the iris, the circular part of …


The reason behind why we cry

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There are of course many causes as to why we cry when it comes to our emotions and various situations, but there are also physiological reasons behind why we cry. You might have wondered why the salty water comes out of our eyes when what we call, crying, occurs. The truth is that having a good cry every so often …


Can diabetes affect your eyes?

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Unfortunately, diabetes can affect your health in numerous ways. One of the ways that diabetes affects your health has to do with the fact it can affect your vision. If you have diabetes, it should be a priority that you make regular visits to a center specializing in primary eye care in Arlington. People who suffer from diabetes are at …


Understanding your baby’s developing vision

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There are reasons why our babies aren’t as capable as us when they are born, and that is because they are still developing their most important characteristics, such as the five senses: smell, hearing, taste, touch, and sight. Babies initially learn to focus their eyes by looking at faces. They then gradually move out to objects brought close to them. …


What is Photophobia?

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If you had an eye checkup recently, Photophobia may be a term that you heard your optometrist talking about. If so, you maybe be wondering a bit more about what Photophobia is, what it means for people who suffer from it, and what sort of treatment can be done for it. What does photophobia mean? Photophobia directly translates to “fear …


6 Ways to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

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Summer is here, which means you are probably slathering on the sunscreen every time you go outside. But what about your eyes? While it is second nature to protect your face and skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays, many people don’t think about how the bright sun can impact their eyes. Here at First Eye Care, we believe in …