Eye Allergies Cause, Symptoms, & Treatments | First Eye Care

Eye Allergies: Cause, Symptoms, & Treatments

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You would be very hard pressed to name a more irritating feeling than getting something stuck in your eye. Sometimes the tiniest things get stuck in there yet feel as if it’s massive. However, just because your eyes may be irritated and red and may feel as if there is something in them, that is not always the case. If …

Diabetic Eye Care What You Should Know  | First Eye Care North Arlington

Diabetic Eye Care: What You Should Know  

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If you have diabetes, you have likely heard that it can put your eye health at risk. High blood sugar increases the risk of various eye problems. A common condition associated with diabetes is diabetic retinopathy. This condition affects the small blood vessels within the retina, located in the back of the eye. There are other conditions that one with …

 Importance of Protecting Your Eyes from the Sun | First Eye Care North Arlington

Importance of Protecting Your Eyes from the Sun 

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With winter coming to an end, many will soon be able to bask in the beauty that comes with the upcoming summer months. Warmer temperatures and sunny skies will soon begin to fill our days. While warm weather is easy to enjoy, the increased exposure to the sun can be very harmful. Just as ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun …

Keratoconus Causes Symptoms and Treatment | First Eye Care North Arlington

Keratoconus: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

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Keratoconus is a medical condition related to the eye. This eye disease is progressive and affects the cornea over time. The cornea is the part of the eye which is clear and forms an outer lens. This disease causes the cornea to thin and bulge, developing into a cone-like shape. When the cornea obtains this cone-like shape, light is not …

ThermiEyes The Secret to Younger Looking Eyes | First Eye Care North Arlington

ThermiEyes: The Secret to Younger Looking Eyes

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It is said that our eyes are one of the first things to give away our age. Over time, fine lines from smiles and laughs, and dark circles from long hard days begin to set in. While we can appreciate the moments that led us to where we are, however, we have less appreciation for the visual representation around our …

Can You Fix A Lazy Eye? | First Eye Care North Arlington

Can You Fix A Lazy Eye?

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Amblyopia, more commonly known as a lazy eye, is a condition that is most popular in children and commonly occurs when the vision and physicality of one eye does not develop properly, leading to refusal of the brain to recognize visual input from that eye. The good news is that most cases are treatable at a young age. It is …

Valentine’s Day Gifts They’ll Love at First Sight | First Eye Care North Arlington

Valentine’s Day Gifts They’ll Love at First Sight

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It is finally February, and that means, it is the month of love. Every year, we must brainstorm to try and come up with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, and often, we end up opting for the usual flowers, chocolate, etc. There are various ways to pamper the lady in your life, however, this year we have some great suggestions …

January Glaucoma Awareness Month | First Eye Care North Arlington

January Glaucoma Awareness Month

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Did you know that January is Glaucoma Awareness Month? It is an important time to try and create awareness about this shockingly common disease that is the leading cause of blindness in the United States. More than 3 million people in just the United States suffer from glaucoma, and the National Eye Institute predicts this number to increase in the …

2019 Eyewear Trends | First Eye Care North Arlington

2019 Eyewear Trends

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Each year new eyewear trends emerge. Your glasses are a very important part of your wardrobe, whether it is your prescription glasses or your sunglasses, you want to make sure they match your style and the latest trends as they are a part of your daily fashion. If you are looking to make a statement in 2019 with your eyewear, …

Most Amazing Eyes in The Animal Kingdom | First Eye Care Arlington

Most Amazing Eyes in The Animal Kingdom

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Eyes are pretty amazing organs. It is quite incredible what they are capable of. Our eyes play an immensely important role in life, allowing us to obtain information, experience beauty, memorize experiences, etc. Your eye doctor in Arlington will tell you that aside from our brains, our eyes are our most complex organs, making their job pretty important. While our …