Pregnancy and Your Vision

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Being pregnant changes your body in many different ways, but many women don’t think about the fact that it can also impact your vision. While having a child will change your life forever, thankfully your vision will only be temporarily affected. Most women expect their bodies to undergo changes with pregnancy, but your vision? There’s nothing to be worried about …

April is Women’s Eye Health & Safety Month

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Your eyes are one of the most important elements of your health, and also something many of us take for granted. Given that April is women’s eye health and safety month, we thought it would be only fitting to discuss some of the simplest ways to keep your eyes healthy. Thankfully, there are many different things you can do in …


Why do we lose our vision as we age?

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As we age, our bodies continue to go through changes. Just as we grow tired of a hard day’s work, our bodies grow tired of a hard year’s work. It is natural that over time we notice certain parts of us just not working as well as they used to. One of these things is our vision. And although it …


How annual eye exams can save your life

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Going to the eye doctor used to be just about a person’s vision, but not anymore. With major advancements in technology and machinery used by optometrists, having an eye exam done means much more than just checking out your vision. Did you know that eye exams can also help doctors discover symptoms and signs of other life-threatening conditions such as …


A Look at First Eye Care’s Contact Lens Offerings

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Contacts can be an absolute life-changer, whether you’ve recently noticed yourself squinting or you have been wearing glasses for years. However, finding the right contact lens for your eye can be quite the task. Just like every person is different, our eyes are also not the same, which means that what works for one person may not for the next. …


Is my child ready for contacts?

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“Is my child ready for contacts?” is a very common question amongst parents these days. Having contacts can be much more of a responsibility than glasses, and you only want to make sure that you are making a decision that is best for your child. Even though glasses are quite in style nowadays, many young teens will want to make …


Why you should wear sunglasses

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Many of us think of our sunglasses as a fashion accessory, or maybe even as a source for hiding our faces from the world, and of course, we wear them for shading our eyes from the harsh sun. But what some people don’t realize is how important your sunglasses are in protecting your eyes from damaging sun rays. We often …


What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

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Computer vision syndrome (CVS) occurs when there is an unnecessary strain on the eyes from using a computer or other digital screen for prolonged periods of time. We are seeing an increasing number of these types of cases in recent years, which should come as no surprise. Our society is largely centered around technology and devices, both in our personal …


How Can Someone Be Color Blind?

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Color blindness is a common condition that affects roughly one in 12 men (8 percent) and one in 200 women throughout the world. Contrary to what its name may imply, color blindness is not a form of blindness at all. It is actually a deficiency in the way a person sees and interprets color. People who are color blind have …


Can Pregnancy Affect My Vision?

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Your body undoubtedly goes through many different changes with pregnancy, but did you know it can actually affect your vision? Statistics indicate that as much as 15 percent of all pregnant women deal with vision problems at one point or another during their pregnancy. There are many reasons for this, but some of the top factors are changes in hormones, …