5 Foods for Healthy Eyes 

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We know you have heard the saying before, “you are what you eat,” and we know you may be tired of hearing it, but frankly it is the truth. What you eat provides the nutrients and vitamins as to what your body uses as fuel, and what it uses to nourish itself and functioning parts. This is why it’s important …


How to keep your eyes healthy?

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Our eyes, quite obviously, are one of the most important organs in our body. Not only are these organs important for our physical health, but they are also important for our mental and emotional health. It is pretty important to make sure you maintain proper eye health. Let’s go over some of the advice you can take in order to …


Do you have 20/20 vision?

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Many people construe that someone stating they have 20/20 vision means that the person has perfect visions, the eyes of an eagle. But many people are surprised to find out that 20/20 is not perfect vision. Someone with 20/15 vision has extremely sharp vision, and would be able to see a line on the eye chart from 20 feet away, …


Why are my eyes always dry?

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Our eyes are some of our most important organs. They help us learn, maneuver, interpret, and enjoy the beautiful world we live in. Some even say, they are the windows to the soul. Our eyes being so pertinent to how we live our lives, one can understand how important it is that we take proper care of them. And when …


What type of lens is right for me?

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  Whether you are just ready to make a change, are in need of a different prescription, or have just received your first prescription, you may be in the position of trying to figure out which lens type is right for you. Lens types ranging from contact lenses to the lens in your glasses, there are a lot of options …


Nearsighted vs farsighted: What’s the difference?

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You would probably be surprised how many people actually don’t even know what the difference is between being nearsighted and farsighted. Many people go in for their eye exam in North Arlington every few years (even though it is recommended for many people to go annually) and it has been so long since their first prescription, that they can’t even …


Is it time for an eye exam?

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Our eyes are how we see the world. They are how we begin our interpretation of the things around us. They are the lenses in which we view our stories. They are how many of us enjoy life, how we work to provide for ourselves and our families, and how we learn. And not only do we use our eyes …

Choosing the Right Contacts

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According to the CDC, more than 30 million people wear contact lenses in the U.S., correcting an array of vision issues while reducing their reliance on glasses. During the past decade or so, contact lens technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and today, there are a multitude of design styles available to help people with all kinds of vision …

Importance of Regular Exams

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Good vision is critical to just about everything we do, yet when we have good vision – with or without corrective lenses – it’s easy to take it for granted. After all, we don’t give a lot of thought to the “act” of seeing – it’s something that happens naturally, and keeping our vision clear and our eyes healthy isn’t …

Choosing an Optometrist

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The process of finding the right optometrist for your needs and situation depends on a variety of factors. You want to work with an experienced eye doctor, but you also want to feel comfortable with the professional performing your eye exam. By keeping a few key factors in mind, you can find the right professional for your needs. Look for …