Why are my eyes always dry?

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Our eyes are some of our most important organs. They help us learn, maneuver, interpret, and enjoy the beautiful world we live in. Some even say, they are the windows to the soul. Our eyes being so pertinent to how we live our lives, one can understand how important it is that we take proper care of them. And when something is just not right with our eyes, it can be an extremely frustrating distraction and disruption to our daily lives.

One of the more frustrating, uncomfortable, and surprisingly common problems that people experience with their eyes, is when they are dry. We need our tears in our eyes constantly to keep them in proper health. These tears provide moisture and lubrication and help us to see as well as to move and use our eye muscles with comfort.

What are tears, anyways?

So, what exactly is in a tear? A tear consists of a few ingredients… water, oil, mucus, and antibodies. The water is there to help keep the eye moisturized, as well as the oil, of which whose primary goal is to keep the eye lubricated. The mucus is present for even spreading throughout the eye, and the antibodies and special proteins are there to help fight away any potential infection from the various bacteria our eyes inevitably encounter. The tears in our eyes come from special glands that exist around the eye. If you are experiencing dry eyes, it can mean that some part of your tear system isn’t functioning properly. In which case, you should possibly consider going in early for your annual eye exam in Arlington.

What is causing my eyes to be dry?

There are different causes to dry eyes, ranging from mild and common problems to more severe or rare issues. Unfortunately, having drier eyes can just be a part of the aging process. In most cases, simple things such as the air you’re exposed to, wind, your air conditioner or heater, allergies, new makeup, exhaustion or strain of your eyes (such as staring at your computer screen for too long), etc., can cause one to suffer from dry eyes. Certain medications can also cause dry eyes as a side effect. There are a few causes that aren’t as simple to treat as turning your heater down, and these include eyelid problems or tear duct damage, and diseases such as Sjogren’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and collagen vascular disease.

What can I do?

If you are experiencing dry eyes often or to the point that it is causing discomfort or disruption, you should consider scheduling an eye exam. If you are looking for a North Arlington Optometrist, look no further. Here at First Eye Care, we are a passionate and caring team of experts that would be happy to answer your questions as well as schedule you an appointment with one of our wonderful doctors. Contact us today, let us help you start to see things a little bit more clearly!

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