How to keep your eyes healthy?

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Our eyes, quite obviously, are one of the most important organs in our body. Not only are these organs important for our physical health, but they are also important for our mental and emotional health. It is pretty important to make sure you maintain proper eye health. Let’s go over some of the advice you can take in order to ensure you are seeing things clearly…

Number 1… Visit your eye doctor regularly

It’s important to make sure that you are having your eyes checked thoroughly on a regular basis. As we get older, this is even more important, and you should probably be visiting your eye doctor annually. Even if you are not suffering from any noticeable symptoms, there are still things that can go wrong that are invisible to the naked eye, literally. You’d actually be surprised how often people believe they have great vision, when they truly don’t even realize how much better they would see with glasses or contact lenses. On top of just seeing things a bit more clearly, there are underlying problems that could affect your vision in the future as well. Therefore, it’s very important to follow through with your comprehensive eye exam in Arlington on a regular basis.

Number 2… Be aware of any eye problems in your family’s history

There are eye problems that can be hereditary, and that’s why the best thing you can do is to be aware of any eye problems that may run in your family ahead of time. Being prepared and knowing what to look for will be extremely helpful and beneficial for not only you, but for your doctor in helping you.

Number 3… Eating right

Yes, we know you hear it all the time when it comes to being healthy, but it is truly such an important factor, relative to all your body’s functions. Obtaining the proper vitamins, proteins, healthy fats (omega-3 fatty acids), and healthy carbs, and staying away from processed sugars and high-cholesterol foods are going to not only help you remain feeling well, but they will help to keep you seeing well. Some of the foods your eyes love the most are dark leafy greens, carrots, and salmon.

Number 4… Stay away from smoking

As you hear quite often, smoking is horrible for you. But what a lot of people don’t realize is how smoking negatively affects every part of your body’s functioning. According to research, there is a link between smoking and an increased risk of the development of several eye problems that can potentially lead to blindness.

Number 5… Keep your eyes protected

Wearing sunglasses is a great way to keep your eyes protected and healthy, as they serve to shield your eyes from damaging rays from the sun. Try and buy sunglasses that specifically state a high percentage of sun protection in their product description.

Number 6… Keeping clear of potentially harmful bacteria

Make sure, that if you already wear contact lenses, that you change them regularly and store them properly. Also make sure that you wash your hands before you ever touch your eyes. Avoid sharing any utensils or tools with anyone else that go near your eyes, for example, a mascara wand.

If you are looking for an eye doctor in Arlington, look no further. Here at First Eye Care, we are a caring team of vision experts that want to ensure you keep your eyes in proper health. Contact us today, and let us help you begin to see things a bit more clearly.

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