How to Keep Your Glasses Looking Brand New

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Glasses aren’t cheap, and they are something that you use each and every day. Taking good care of your glasses in a sense means taking care of your vision, so it is a quite important feat. Eyeglasses can be a bit of a pain to take care of with their excessive use. With all of the smudges, and smears, fingerprints, and the fogging, it can get be frustrating trying to keep your glasses taken care of, but it is important in order to keep them looking brand new. Keep reading to learn some tips that you can follow in order to keep your glasses in great condition.

1. Don’t wipe your glasses lenses while they are dry

The surface of your lenses is fragile. Often very small particles of dirt or dust is on your lenses that you are unable to see. If you wipe them without any moisture to help glide the cloth, it can lead to those small particles scratching your lenses. The biggest mistakes people with glasses make is using their shirt to wipe the lenses. This can and will lead to tiny scratches in your lenses.

2. Use glass cleaner that is made for eye glass lenses

Unless the cleaner is made specifically for glasses, it may contain chemicals that could damage the anti-reflective coating on those lenses. Use glasses cleaner that is made specifically for eye glasses alongside a dry, clean, and soft cotton cloth.

3. Always keep your glasses in their case

It only takes one tiny accident to leave your glasses cracked, smashed, or mangled. Always keeping your glasses in their case will protect them from any accidents. Often people leave their glasses in pockets or bags and end up sitting or stepping on them and ruining their expensive glasses. Your case is made to protect your glasses and being in the habit of keeping them in it whenever you aren’t wearing them will ensure they last.

4. Handle your glasses carefully

People all too often handle their glasses too roughly. If you use one hand to quickly pull your glasses off and shove them on it can lead to misaligned frames. Use two hands and ensure you are placing them straightly and gently on your face and off.

5. Go to your vision center in Arlington for occasional adjustments

If your glasses feel loose or seem to be sitting a bit crooked on your face, then you should head to your eye center in Arlington to have them adjusted. Our team here at First Eye Care will be happy to help you quickly adjust your glasses so that they sit perfectly and comfortably on your face. It is best to never try and adjust or tighten your glasses yourself as this can lead to damage.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us here at First Eye Care in North Arlington please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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