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The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season: Stunning Lashes & Perfect Brows

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The holiday season is here, and that means it is time to start the preparations. One of the most prominent preparations is deciding on holiday gifts for your loved ones. Many of us find ourselves complaining that certain people in our lives are impossible to shop for, but if you’re looking for a great gift for mom, daughter, wife, sister, friend, etc., we’ve got you covered. Give the loved woman in your life the gift of beauty this holiday season with a microblading treatment or lash extensions in Arlington. Here at First Eye Care, we offer stunning eye enhancements including:

  • Microblading
  • Microblading Touch Up
  • Microblading Color Boost
  • Microblading Correction
  • Lash Lift
  • Classic Lash Extensions
  • Lash Fill
  • Hybrid Lash Extension
  • Hybrid Fill
  • ThermiEye Skin Tightening

Why are these various eye enhancements the perfect gift? During the holidays we are all quite busy. The holiday season is one of the most social times of the year, how we look and feel is important for our self-esteem and well-being. In such a social and busy time of year, having the convenience of ready-to-go lashes and brows will do wonders for your loved one. After giving this amazing gift you will likely want to get one of these treatments for yourself. If you still aren’t sure, here are 4 reasons why these enhancements are perfect for the holiday season:

  1. They save you a lot of time
    Semi-permanent eyelash extensions and microblading save you a ton of time in your daily beauty routine. When applying one’s makeup, now that the lashes and brows are set, all they have to spend time on is their skin and foundation.
  2. They are high-quality and long-lasting
    When looking for lash extensions or microblading in Arlington, you can rest assured that our lashes and microblading techniques are of the highest quality and will last a long time. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks when taken care of, and can potentially last you the whole holiday season. Microblading is also semi-permanent and can last from 1 to 3 years depending on one’s skin type and skincare routine.
  3. They can actually save you money
    If you or your loved one is someone who spends a decent amount of money on makeup, such as one-time false lashes and high-quality eyebrow pencils, then eyelash extensions and microblading will end up saving you or her money in the long run. Disposable lashes and eyebrow pencils only last so long and those prices add up over time more than one might think.
  4. They truly enhance one’s facial aesthetics
    Eyelash extensions immensely enhance one’s facial aesthetics and will make you feel great. Full and luscious lashes give the appearance of a larger eye and cause others to naturally draw their attention to your face. Full brows give for a young and healthy look and help to balance the shape of one’s face as well as give the appearance of a thinner face.

Make your loved one feel amazing this holiday season by gifting them one of our amazing eye enhancement treatments here at First Eye Care. If you have questions about our treatments or would like to make an appointment or purchase a voucher, give us a call today.

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