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Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism

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If you thought you couldn’t wear contact lenses because of astigmatism, the Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism contact lenses are for you. The irregular curvature of the eye that characterizes astigmatism might have historically made finding contact lenses difficult, but Acuvue’s Accelerated Stabilization Design technology solves that problem. These lenses won’t rotate when you blink or move your eyes around quickly, so when you’re active you won’t have to worry about blurred vision.

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Astigmatism affects nearly half the population. Astigmatic patients need a solution that satisfies their specific needs. 47% of patients show astigmatism in at least one eyes. Uncorrected astigmatism can le ad to symptoms of visual discomfort.  Get exceptionally comfortable, consistently clear vision with ACUVUE OASYS® Brand Contact Lenses for ASTIGMATISM. These contacts harness the power of a blinking eye to provide clear and stable vision throughout the day. Experience a higher volume of moisture-rich wetting agent, which provides exceptional all-day comfort – even in challenging environments. BLINK STABILIZED® Design helps minimize shifting and helps keep vision crisp, clear and stable all day long—even for people with an active lifestyle. Additionally, these contacts contain superior levels of UV protection.