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Biotrue 1-Day

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Biotrue ONEday contact lenses are inspired by the biology of your eyes. While other lenses dry out as the day passes, Biotrue ONEday contacts retain moisture naturally produced by the eye. The result is consistently clear vision and comfort until the moment you take them out. With added High Definition Optics, Biotrue lenses help reduce halos and glare in low light situations. Try Biotrue ONEday daily disposables and see how naturally good your eyes can feel in contact lenses.

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Your day is long. Wear the contact lens that’s designed to go the distance. Each day, you demand a lot of your eyes, especially when using digital devices. This may cause you to blink up to 66% less, which could make your lenses feel dry and uncomfortable. Biotrue® Oneday daily disposable contact lenses maintain 98% of their moisture for up to 16 hours and provide comfortable vision for your patients. Like the lipid layer, Biotrue ONEday provides a smooth optical surface and resists dehydration. Today’s patients put new demands on their eyes using digital devices. We may blink 66% less on average when using a digital device, which could contribute to lens dehydration. Features of these lens are that they provide a crisp, clear vision, all day. Additionally, they have UV protection. The bio-inspired features of Biotrue ONEday work together to provide comfortable vision throughout the day. Since Biotrue ONEday is a daily disposable, you’re enjoying the healthy, comfortable convenience of a fresh pair every day.