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How to Properly Clean Your Contacts

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Taking care of your contact lenses means taking care of your vision and the overall health of your eyes. Not properly caring and cleaning your contact lenses can lead to eye trouble and vision issues down the line. To ensure that you are taking good care of your eyes and to avoid infections or vision problems, follow these important tips and steps.

When it comes to contact cleaning and care, there are some important things that you should remember.

#1 Make sure your hands are clean
Always wash your hands before touching your eyes or contact lenses. There are germs everywhere around us, they aren’t visible to the eye, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Always make sure to wash your hands properly before taking your contacts in or out or touching them at all. Washing your hands properly means applying antibacterial soap and scrubbing your hands together under warm water for at least 30 seconds.

#2 Always start with the same eye

Starting with the same eye every time you put in or take your contacts out will ensure that you don’t accidentally mix them up. As sometimes you may be a bit distracted or mindlessly putting in or taking out your lenses, if you start with a different eye, you may not realize and end up confusing your lenses.

#3 Clean your contact lenses every time you take them out

You should clean your lenses as soon as you take them out. This is of course unless you wear disposable contact lenses.

#4 Never use water to clean your lenses

A very common improper way of cleaning one’s contact lenses or lens’ case is by using water. Water often can be contaminated or contain impurities that can damage your lenses or even lead to dangerous eye infections.

Cleaning Steps

It is very important to always make sure you are keeping your contact lenses clean, and that you are doing it the correct way.

#1 Ensure your contact lens’ case is clean

Before cleaning your contacts, make sure that your case is clean. You can clean it by emptying it out of the old solution, rinsing it out with fresh solution, and then placing it upside down on a clean cloth or tissue to air dry. Remember that you should be replacing your contact lens’ case around once a month.

#2 Fill your clean case with fresh solution

#3 Clean one lens (usually the one from the eye that you always start with)

Take your lens and place it in the palm of your dry and clean hand. Squeeze a few drops of disinfecting solution onto the lens and take one finger and rub the front and back of the lens gently.

#4 Re-rinse the lens

Again, apply a few drops of solution before then placing it into the lens’ case.

#5 Repeat with the other lens

Follow the same routine with the other contact lens. Leave your lenses to soak in the fresh solution in the clean case.

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