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Tips on Living with Contacts

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If you have made the decision to start wearing contacts, it is important to know that it will be a bit of an adjustment at first, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Contacts provide a lot of benefits for those who need vision correction. Whether you are making the switch due to comfort, to convenience, or aesthetic motivation for some, we know you will love your contacts and the routine care will grow to be easy over time.  It is, however, important to learn the tips and tricks to make the adjustment a less tolling one, as many people are initially overwhelmed as first-time contact lens wearers.

Don’t stress about it
It is common for people to stress a bit when they first get contacts. People tend to worry unnecessarily that they may scratch their eye or that the lens will get stuck in their eye. While the process of placing and removing your contacts may feel uncomfortable at first, you will grow used to it over time, and there is really no reason to worry. As long as your hands are clean, touching your eye to place and remove your lenses will not hurt.

Always keep your lenses clean, and the case too
One of the most important rules to follow is keeping your contacts clean, that includes their case. It is important that you follow the directions very precisely when cleaning your lenses. Don’t reuse solution or top it off, always use fresh solution. When you put your lenses in you should properly rinse out and clean the case and allow it to dry.

Always follow your doctor’s recommendations
Always follow the instructions and recommendations of your eye doctor. Only use products that are doctor-approved, and don’t substitute any of your lens care products without first asking your doctor. Make sure you are regularly visiting your Arlington eye doctor for checkups and follow-ups as they are important to keep your visual health in check.

Follow your wearing and replacement schedule strictly
Another very important rule of wearing contacts is following your wearing schedule and replacement schedule very strictly. Never wear your lenses for longer than what your doctor has prescribed, and don’t try and wear lenses that need to be replaced.

Don’t ever use water to wet your contacts
You should never use water to wet your contacts, but only contact solution. While your contacts don’t respond properly to being moisturized with water it is never a good idea to use it.

Never sleep in your contacts
Unless you wear contacts that are specifically designed for continuous wear, you should never sleep in your contacts. Wearing contacts overnight that are not intended for over-night wear can lead to a corneal infection that causes major eye irritation, pain, redness, and even blurred vision.

If you follow these tips and your doctor’s recommendations, adjusting to wearing your contact lenses won’t be a problem. Just ensure you are regularly visiting your eye doctor for checkups as well. If you are looking for a trusted and highly recommended eye doctor in Arlington, here at First Eye Care, we can help. Come visit our convenient eye center today and we will take you from appointment to vision shop in one visit. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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