Understanding your baby’s developing vision

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There are reasons why our babies aren’t as capable as us when they are born, and that is because they are still developing their most important characteristics, such as the five senses: smell, hearing, taste, touch, and sight. Babies initially learn to focus their eyes by looking at faces. They then gradually move out to objects brought close to them.

By having a better understanding of your baby’s vision, you will be more apt in interacting and helping them while their eyes develop. Because babies’ vision aids them in all their other developments, such as reaching, grabbing, sitting-up and crawling, etc., it is extremely important that we ensure that their vision is healthy and functioning appropriately. As a parent, you need to understand your baby’s vision development to detect any potential vision issue. As parents, one of your many goals is to help your baby in their journey of vision development via age-appropriate activities. When your baby reaches the age of about 6 months, it is time for their very first vision assessment by a trusted eye doctor.

From birth to four months old

When your baby is first born, their vision will be fuzzy and blurry. They are unable to differentiate between objects or move their eyes between two images. They are only able to focus slightly on objects that are 8 to 10 inches from their face, which is about the distance from mom or dad’s face when holding their baby.

In the next upcoming months, their vision begins to improve. Eye-hand coordination starts to develop as the baby tracks between two objects and reaches for them. At about eight weeks of age, babies begin to focus much easier on faces as well.
Up until about babies are two months old, their eyes are still not very well coordinated, and at times may appear as if they are wandering or even crossing. This is typically normal. Nevertheless, if you have major concerns for your baby, it is best to consolidate a professional.

From five to eight months old

It is in these months that your baby’s eye-hand coordination will only continue to improve and have better control over their eye movements. When they reach about five months of age, they will start to develop depth perceptions. It is also around five months of age that your baby’s color-vision has developed. Babies until this age is only able to see shades of black, white, and grey.
Once your baby is eight months old, their eye-hand coordination, as well as the rest of their body coordination, will improve.

From nine to twelve months old

When your baby reaches the age of about nine months, they will likely be able to pull themselves up into a standing position. At around ten months old, they should be able to use their thumb and forefinger to grasp objects. When your baby reaches twelve months of age, they could try to walk. It is good to encourage your baby to crawl just a little bit longer, as this will only help with the development of better hand-eye coordination. At this age, your baby can judge distance considerably better.

From one to two years old

At two years old, your child’s hand-eye coordination and depth perception should be well-developed. If you have more questions about your baby’s vision, contact us at First Eye Care. Our caring team would be more than happy to help you to take care of you and your entire family’s vision needs. Don’t hesitate to call us today for an appointment.

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