Why Do We Have Eyelashes?

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Our eyes are often one of the first things noticed about us. People look into your eyes when they speak to you as a sort of way to connect to you through verbal and bodily communication. Our eyes function as a channel for people to see us as well as for us to see them. Eyes are such a small organ and functioning part of the body, yet they are very complex. A very important part of the overall eye structure is the eyelashes. Of course, having long, luscious and voluminous eyelashes is associated with a high aesthetic appeal, but have you ever wondered what true purpose eyelashes serve?

Keeping out the dust

A very common belief is that there is one other purpose eyelashes serve other than beauty, and that is that eyelashes serve to help to keep specs of dust, debris, and bacteria that are floating in the air out of our eyes. Now, this may be true, and it may be a large part of our eyelashes’ purpose, but the truth is, this is not the only contribution our eyelashes serve as a functioning part of our body.

Keeping the moisture out, and in

Our eyelashes also serve to protect our eyes in terms of moisture, in a sort of contradictive fashion. Not only do our eyelashes keep moisture out, but they also keep moisture in. It may sound confusing, but here’s what it means. Eyelashes protect our eyes from moisture that isn’t supposed to enter them, this goes for sweat or rain, etc. They are curved perfectly in order to keep what isn’t meant to be in, out.

It is very important for our eye health that they remain constantly lubricated or moisturized. According to a recent study, by Dr. Hu at the Georgia Institute of Technology, eyelashes are about a third of the eye-size itself. This is apparent in multiple species of mammals. This ratio is a perfect design to function in diverting airflow away from our eyes to prevent them from drying out.

Keeping your eyes healthy

According to this study by Dr. Bessam Farjo, manipulating air flow by changing the length of the lashes can be damaging to the eyes and eyelashes. Dr. Farjo states that long-term wearing of false eyelashes can potentially damage your natural eyelashes. Another article in Daily Mail asserts the study by Dr. Hu in stating that false eyelashes that are longer than the natural eyelashes can potentially cause damage to one’s vision in disabling the lashes from being able to do their job and divert air flow away from the eyes.

If you do wear false lashes you should do so gently and preferably not long term. If you notice that your natural lashes are compromised by the false lashes or if you experience dryness, or discomfort in your eyes then you should discontinue use of false lashes. Keeping your eyes healthy is extremely important.

One of the best ways to ensure your eye health is perfect, you should regularly visit your Arlington eye doctor. Seeing your optometrist annually to bi-annually is important for more than the reason of simply updating your vision prescription, but it also ensures that any potentially irreversible eye problems are caught early on before causing permanent damage.

If you have questions about your eye health or would like to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at First Eye Care today.

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