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Why are Yearly Eye Exams Important?

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Yearly Eye Exams Can Help Save Your Eyes

Most people understand how important their overall health is. They often go to the doctor and dentist to get checkups on their body and mouth, but going to your eye doctor is just as important for your health. Many people think that just because they can see that their eyes are fine, but that is not always the case. Yearly eye exams are important because there are conditions in your eyes that often go unnoticed.

With roughly 11 million Americans over the age of 12 needing some form of vision correction, improving your eyesight is important. However, it’s just one of the many reasons why yearly eye exams are important.

Detecting Diseases 

As hinted at early, just because you can see clearly does not mean your eyes are in optimal health. It only means your vision may be fine. Unfortunately, there are many eye diseases that do not become obvious in their early stages. When they do make themselves known, they have typically advanced to a more dangerous state. Some of these diseases include:

Many of these eye conditions do not give early warning signs. Once the disease has been detected, your vision can be in danger. The best way to recognize and diagnose one of these eye diseases is through a comprehensive eye exam.

Correcting Vision

Probably the most obvious reason to visit your eye doctor for an eye exam is to correct your vision. Even many who have contact lenses and eyeglasses don’t see their eye doctor as often as they should. Vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism require routine checkups to ensure that your vision is properly being corrected. Other conditions include:

  • Amblyopia: Your eyes must be properly aligned for your vision to work well, but with amblyopia, one or both of your eyes are misaligned, or one needs a higher correction than the other.
  • Strabismus: Often defined as crossed or turned eyes, strabismus tends to cause problems with your depth perception and leads to amblyopia if not treated.

Many people enjoy the convenience of buying their glasses online, but having an eye exam can help you best treat your eyes and correct your vision.

Vision Screenings Aren’t a Substitute

This is more likely to relate to parents of small children, but even so, vision screenings done at school do not substitute for a comprehensive eye exam. Adults can take them at the DMV when they are getting their license as well. Just because you or your child pass these screenings does not mean your vision is correct. These screenings typically only screen out individuals with serious and often obvious vision problems. Only a comprehensive eye test can detect further issues and ensure that your vision is clear.

Detecting Serious Health Problems

Yearly eye exams don’t only detect problems with your eyes and vision. They also help detect serious health problems. Some of these conditions include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even some forms of cancer. Your eye doctor evaluates the conditions of the blood vessels in your retina, providing your doctor with a solid indication of the health of the blood vessels throughout your entire body.

Yearly comprehensive eye exams can also help individuals understand how to best protect their eyes from sun damage as well as ensuring they do not suffer from digital eye strain. Your eye doctor can also help you detect if you have any allergies that may affect your eyes and your vision. Including these benefits with the many mentioned throughout this article proves just how vital and important yearly eye exams are for your overall health. Schedule your next appointment with First Eye Care North Arlington.

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